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During two of my previous trips to Central African Republic in 2016 and in Somalia in 2018, the ham community successfully managed to contribute about 22000 USD to Doctors Without Borders. In addition some radio equipment.

This time I will offer you the possibility to donate to a Norwegian humanitarian organization named Sabona, who particularly work to improve the conditions for children in Africa. I have been supporting this organization for some years, and now hopefully together we can contribute to their work.

If you would like to contribute with a donation this can be done through paypal kenneth@opskar.no

Please notify in paypal transaction that the donation is meant for Sabona – the humanitarian organization. 100% of donations recevied will be forwarded to Sabona! In addition to individual donations any OQRS/QSL donation will be forwarded to this fundraiser.

Less than 1 USD is enough to give 1 child a meal and attend school for 1 day. 250 USD is sufficient to give 1 child the possibility to go to school for 1 year!! Let’s see how many children we can support and help to get an education!

INDEXA Humanitarian Aid have already decided to donate to this cause!