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I am an avid DXer, DXpeditioner, CW enthusiast and amateur radio operator interested in all aspects of the hobby. I was licensed in 1992 as LA7GIA. My favourite mode is CW, but I also do some digi mode, but not very often SSB hi

* In 2017 I received the W6OL CW award for «Excellence in DXpedition CW operation» by NCDXC


* I received the Intrepid Spirit Award 2018 at the IDXC 2019 convention in Visalia, CA. http://www.arrl.org/news/dxpeditioner-kenneth-opskar-la7gia-is-recipient-of-intrepid-spirit-award

I got into amateur radio during my university studies in Trondheim, Norway and was first licensed in 1992. I was active in the clubstation LA1K between 1991-1995, also as a QSL manager.

I moved to Oslo in 1996 after I completed my studies. In 2003-2005 I had a QTH at Skeikampen close to the olympic city of Lillehammer. In 2006 I had a temporary QTH at Jevnaker, 60 km north of Oslo. From late 2006 I got my recent QTH in Nittedal overlooking the capital Oslo (300 m asl). My QTH is just halfway between Oslo city center and the international airport. I enjoy CW DXing, contesting and operate on all bands 160-6m mostly CW, some digitial and if needed SSB to catch a new slot or mode. My equipment consists of

* 2018 Elecraft K3S

* 2017 Elecraft Kx3

* 2019 Yaesu FTDX 101d

* 1990 Icom 725

* 2017 OM power 2000A+ amplifier (base station)

* 2017 Juma 1000 amplifier (DXped version)

* 3 el Cushcraft A3S 14-21-28 MHz up 18m

* 2 el yagi 17+12m 

* 40-30m full size verticals (elevated radials)

* 80m toploaded vertical. 45 ground radials

* 160m toploaded vertical. 45 ground radials

* RX antennas:

2x400m endfire to JA/ZL (40 degrees)

250m beverage to Asia/VK (90 degrees)

380m beverage to Middle East/Indian 140 degrees

250m beverage to Africa (180 degrees)

250 m beverge to Carribean/US East coast (270 degrees)

380m beverage to NA mid-west/west Coast (320 degrees)

250m beverage to Pacific/Hawaii (360 degrees)

* 5 el 6m antenna up 13m


DXpedition gear

* Radio Elecraft K3s

* Radio Kx3

* Juma 1000 amplifier 1 kW all bands

* Mosley 2 element 20,15,10m 1500 W yagi

* Mosley 2 element 20,17,15,12,10 m 500 W (dipole on 17,12)

* Various verticals for lowband and RX antennas