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DXpedition to N’Djamena, Chad 09-26.Oct 2018

Dxpedition took place exactly 24 hours between Oct 09- Oct 10.

During the 24h I had some fantastic moments. I started to plan the trip early 2018 after I returned from 6O6O Somalia. It took many hundred hours to plan, all documents were in place and approved by several authorithies including the Ministry and the security police. It was some amazing days in Chad which I will never forget, but unfortunately ended not so well wrt amtaeur radio operation.

During the 24h I logged 2135 Qs which are all uploaded to clublog and LoTW.  Thre day after I arrived the National Security Police shut down my station and all gear was locked in. What happened during the interrogations by the security police, the shut down of my station, the police order that prevented me from leaving Chad and finally how the Norwegian Embassy and Foreign Ministry solved this case have been published in a short story. Some info as well here  http://www.arrl.org/news/detained-norwegian-radio-amateur-now-allowed-to-leave-chad

In the end it was some amazing days in Chad I will never forget. I would also like to thank all those who wrote hundreds of emails to me during my stay or spent 3 min or hours chatting with me on social media every day. It was really appreciated, and kept my spirit up. Thanks!

I would like to thanks those 45 guys who donated to my additional expenses!! I had about 2500 USD in extra expenses because I had to rebook my flight twice and extend my stay in N’Djamena with 1 week. All the extra expenses I had was mostly covered by those 45 indivuduals, THANKS!

73 Ken LA7GIA / TT8KO

The QTH was a hotel in N’Djamena. The beam and dipoles was up about 25-30 meter. I had a 200m beverage to NA/EU that worked very well.

QTH: N’Djamena, LOC JK72